mPedigree’s corporate and product brand values are summed up in the word, ‘Heroism’. Not many companies in the world can boldly describe their mission as ‘literally saving and enriching lives’. mPedigree can.

Every day, our people and partners strive heroically to transform odds that have long been considered insurmountable. Whether it is implementing serialisation for companies with zero capital to invest in automated equipment, or integrating the complex supply chain of a global top-5 multinational without any stoppage in production or distribution, our Heroes take it in their stride, day in day out.

Heroes are ever dependable, virtuous and gallant, and ever willing to charge in and save the day. They are reflective about the impact of their conduct on others, courteous at all times, and indomitable in the face of adversity. Heroes, in every respect.

mPedigree has a unique social re-investment policy.

Brand Elements

Royal Velvet on a gray-tincture canvas, signifying the nobility of strong and passionate values. ‘Pedigree’ is, in this sense, not only about ‘majesty’ but also about rootedness and dependability.

Logo & Seal

The Knight of Chess. Chess is without doubt the most global and most ancient game of strategy. And in Chess, the Knight piece is the universal symbol of chivalry, gallantry and save-the-day gusto. Everything about the piece is unusual and uncommon. Some focus on the romantic power of its moves, but the unique richness of the Knight’s technique in chess is above all a matter of effectiveness and relentless adaptability. Whether it is about counter-manoeuvring fakers or steadily working up a consumer’s loyalty to a brand, persistence becomes an artform.

On 31st December 2015, the mPedigree Network started to trade as simply, mPedigree.

Bringing Quality to Life.