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We see a lot of value in collaborating with the following type of organisations:

  1. National Drug Regulatory Agencies in the Developing World;

  2. National Drug Regulatory Agencies in the Developed World;

  3. Local Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies;

  4. Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies;

  5. Local Pharmaceutical Distribution Companies;

  6. Global Pharmaceutical Distribution Companies;

  7. Supply Chain Management & Security Experts & Companies;

  8. Local NGOs concerned about health issues;

  9. International NGOs concerned about health issues;

  10. Government Agencies;

  11. Multilateral Aid Agencies;

  12. Multilateral Technical Agencies;

  13. Philanthropic Bodies; &

  14. Globally minded individuals and organisations.

If you or your organisation falls into one of the categories mentioned above, and you are persuaded of the need and importance of our Vision and Mission, you are likely to be able to offer support or endorsement of some kind that would be very useful to the cause we are embarked upon.

Kindly contact us for specific information about how your moral, material or technical support can help in tackling one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. We are also very eager to hear from prospective active partners to join in the running and deployment of the mPedigree project.