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We envisage a near-term future in which consumers in the developing world would be able to place absolute confidence in any medication they purchase or receive in the open market or from any provision outlet in the public sector.

In our view, this hope is tied to another one: the desire to see flourishing pharmaceutical industries and healthcare provision services across the emerging societies of the Global South, notably Africa. The economic revival that is evident in these regions cannot be sustained beyond the initial splutter if the timely, efficient, and cost-effective delivery of medication to those who need it cannot be guaranteed most of the time.

Manufacturers should be confident that they will obtain a just reward for their investment and research efforts. Patients and consumers should not feel that every time they take medicine, they are gambling with their lives. Regulators should not look on powerless as better resourced criminals lay waste to the health sectors of Africa, India and elsewhere.

Our Vision is better healthcare for all by ensuring the quality of all medicines.