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As an organization that is built on partnerships, mPedigree Network relishes its diverse and multi-talented Global Advisory Council. In an increasingly interdependent world, insight is frequently multi-disciplinary.

The Council is made up of men and women who support our cause for its creative use of social technologies, marketing and research to tackle what is probably the greatest systemic threat facing public health systems in the world today: the counterfeiting and illicit distribution of medicines across the developing world.

William A. Haseltine
(Chairman of Global Advisory Council), a former Founder and Chair of two Academic and Research Departments at Harvard University is currently the President is of the Haseltine Foundation for Medical Sciences and the Arts, a foundation that supports access to high quality health for the poor and middle class of developing countries, primarily India. He is Chairman of the Board of the Berkeley Center for Synthetic Biology; Co-Chair of the President’s Council of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Coalition on HIV/AIDS; a member of the Koch Institute Leadership Council; and a governor of the New York Academy of Science.

Roger S. Payne is the Founder and President of Ocean Alliance, a MacArthur Fellow and a Knight of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Kojo Chinery-Hesse has been nicknamed the “Bill Gates of Africa” by the BBC and other observers, in recognition of his drive to promote indigenous technology development on the continent. In addition to being Chairman of the Softribe, Mr. Chinery-Hesse is also the CEO of BSL , operators of the MX, carrier-agnostic, mobile-commerce and payments platform.

David Kirkpatrick is a former senior editor for internet and technology at Fortune magazine. Consistently rated one of the most influential tech journalists in the U.S., he has written cover stories on Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Sun, as well major features on blogging, open source software, 64-bit computing and numerous other topics.His weekly column appears on, and by free email subscription.

Alex Dodoo is a pharmacist, trained at the university of Kumasi (Ghana) and King’s College London (UK). He is currently acting Director of the Centre for Tropical Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics at the University of Ghana Medical School; Chairman of Ghana’s Food & Drugs Board; President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana; and President of the International Society of Pharmacovigilance. Early in his career, he worked with Roche as a senior research scientist, before returning to Ghana full time to work for the Medical School.

Mark Anderson is the CEO of the Strategic News Service® (SNS), SNS was the first subscription-based newsletter on the Internet, and is read by Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Mark Hurd, and industry leaders and investors in computing and communications worldwide. Also the founding chair of the Future in Review® (FiRe) Conference, which the Economist has labeled “the best technology conference in the world,” as well as of SNS Project Inkwell, the first global consortium to address technology design changes for one-to-one computing in classrooms, Mark is a widely recognized “systems changer”. He is the founder of two software companies, a hedge fund, and the Washington Technology Industry Association “Fast Pitch” investment forum, Washington’s premier technology investment conference.

James Toole is President of Compass Institute and Teaching and Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota in the School of Social Work and College of Education and Human Development. His professional passions include leadership development, organizational change, spirituality and service, global health, and service-learning. James has worked nationally in 45 states with schools, non-profits, foundations, correctional facilities, and state departments of education and has taught at every level from pre-school and kindergarten through graduate school. His main mentor is his four-year-old daughter Christiana who teaches him daily about joy, engagement, patience, and fun.