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Since 2007, beginning with the West African country of Ghana, the mPedigree program has been striving to establish an “Electronic Resource System” for Africa’s under-resourced health sector, while exploring means to bridge the continent to the Indian sub-continent and East Asia against the backdrop of fast expanding pharmaceutical trade between the two regions.

Such an electronic resource system is required to boost transparency in the marketplace, as well as efficiency in the regulatory process. It should facilitate the promotion of common standards and enhance the capacity of manufacturers and marketers of medicines to benefit from regional economies of scale.

While emphasising the importance to consumers of the ability to query the origin of their medicines and to establish whether they are genuine or potential dangerous imitations through basic text messaging using mPedigree’s world-unique mobile phone platform, this mission also recognises that a sound marketplace for medicines requires, beyond consumer empowerment, an enrichment of the partnerships between drug manufacturers, marketers, pharmacists and regulators. MPedigree seeks to provide the resources to make these partnerships work.