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We Are the mPedigree Network

We partner the principal telecom operators in Africa, the leading pharmaceutical industry associations on the continent and Fortune 500 technology powerhouses to empower African patients and consumers to protect themselves from the fatal effects of pharmaceutical counterfeiting, which kills nearly a million people a year, and maim countless more, in vulnerable parts of the world. 

An important side effect of this effort is the steady recovery of the more than $200 million that legitimate pharmaceutical companies lose DAILY to this genocidal trade.

Our mobile health platform allows all patients and consumers - regardless of educational background, income or status - to instantly verify the safety and efficacy of their medicines using their own or a shared mobile phone at no cost across the 95% of territory where a mobile signal is available.

As a social enterprise, and a member of the Ashoka and World Economic Forum communities, we owe equal duty to our consumer clients, pharmaceutical clients, impact investors, and regulatory allies. And of course to you, the concerned public. Together, we can clean up the health market.